Project Description

Tools for One-on-One Fund Raising can be done as a 60 minute talk or a five to six hour seminar on how to build a good presentation for one-on-one interaction to raise funds for specific non-profit purposes.

  • What is the problem that’s out there?
  • How does the problem affect the people?
  • What’s our solution to the problem and then what does the world look like if we’re successful?
  • And then, finally, how can you help…financially

In this talk we go through the process of breaking all that down. At the end of the seminar form of this topic, everyone has a basic draft of a presentation by the time they’re done.

The primary audience for this is all kinds of non-profit organizations. have to be. It can be secular. It can be churches. I’ve given this presentation in Europe and also at a Christian university.