Project Description

The Toolkit for Pastors came out of my association with pastors. I’ve had some great pastors in my life as well as some opportunities to interact with pastors as a group. I noticed that when pastors get together they sound a lot like a group of my business friends. They talk about their churches and their ministries with the same level of passion I had for business. So, I put together a talk.

Toolkit for Pastors comprises several business concepts having impact on pastors.

The talk includes things like

  • vision,
  • goal setting,
  • encouragement
  • intentionality
  • the basics of business

Each section of the talk includes a business principle, a Biblical principle and an exercise that helps develop that skill. Most sections also have a habit-forming tool that they can take away from the seminar to reinforce that skill.


Toolkit for Pastors ranges from 30 to 60 minutes in duration as a presentation. Given as a workshop, the Toolkit for Pastors will fill an entire day with over six hours of content plus breaks.


Toolkit for Pastors is for all pastors and anyone who is in a pastoral role. It is of greatest benefit to a pastor with a congregation, staff and committees.