“Andy connects and delivers a practical approach to the deacon’s ministry that is grounded on solid biblical priorities.  A day spent under Andy’s ministry will enrich your church’s servant leaders greatly.”

Michael B. King
Senior Pastor
Austin Street Baptist Church
Yoakum, Texas

Engedi Group Deacon Training – Topics covered

– Serve your church

– Support your pastor

– Bring unity to the church body

– “I do not even know who my deacons are?” Come early, stay late

If you are doing anything else but the top three… Stop!

– Deacon rotation

– Calling to Deacon

– The Deacon’s wife

– Areas of service

– How to support your pastor – gossip, criticism, stating vision

– Bringing unity

– Deacon’s home – most important role

– Deacon and evangelism

– Deacon and discipleship

“Andy puts a group at ease. He does so with a mixture of humor, stories and his genuine understanding that Christ, not himself, is our standard.  It paid off in our deacon training. Through the lessons on a deacon’s worthiness, worship, walk, work, witness, and wife, not only did we learn what the Bible’s standard is for deacons, but in our particular case we had a wonderful time as a group where it became obvious and encouraging that our wives play such a big part in our success as deacons.”

Tom Collier
2015 Deacon Chairman
Great Hills Baptist Church
Austin, TX