The First Half

I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. My father owned an industrial valve and fitting distribution company.

While in Corpus Christi, I did the things normal youngsters do. I learned how to hunt and fish. I was an Eagle Scout. Once I got to high school, I played tennis. I was always the junior varsity player almost ready to be varsity. Chemistry got in the way of tennis.

After high school, I went to Baylor University where I worked towards a major in entrepreneurship and marketing. I had a great experience. I was involved in a lot of organizations on campus including the Baylor line. I was in a fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, where I not only was a member but served all the way up to the vice-president of relations for the fraternity.

All American Mascot

I was the mascot for Baylor University; the Wendy’s bear one year in 1985. The last two years I became a part of the Baylor Spirit Squad. In my senior year, I was named an All American mascot at a competition at SMU.

After college, I went to work for my family business in sales. My sales area was in San Antonio where I learned how to ask good questions, how to uncover pain, how to build relationships and how to be intentional about asking people to support our business.

Building a Family

In 1987, I met my wife at a Nine West Shoe Store in San Antonio. She thought I worked there. A conversation began, we went out two weeks later.  We were married three years later. We have two children, Deanna and Andrea. I’m having a great time exploring and learning through them.

I worked in the family business right up until 2002, working at many different levels of leadership, sales management, branch management, vice-president, general manager., all of the things that you would normally work your way through in a business. In 2002 I bought the business from my dad. I ran it for the next seven years, taking it through amazing change, from selling components to making pieces of equipment for customers.

The Second Half

In September of 2009 I was called to a meeting with our supplier and found out they were not renewing out contract. Within 90 days I went from what I thought was a life-long job to wondering what I was to do with the rest of my life.

After some soul-searching, I came across a book called “Halftime” by Bob Buford. That book taught me the skills that I had learned to be successful in business could also make me successful in other ways. I started coaching leaders of non-profit organizations. That grew into speaking and consulting with non-profits as well as pastors and churches.

Around that time my daughter became the mascot at Anderson High School, Troy the Trojan, and I was able to be her coach for four years. I also coached two other mascots along the way.

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Andrew Spencer the Now